Supporting Thriving Educational Communities  to succeed and excel  in Mathematics

Education Unlimited is a Specialist Mathematics Consultancy providing Educational Support and Training to Schools and Colleges within the UK.  We are based in Faringdon, in Oxford shire, on the border of three counties - Gloucestershire,  Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. 

We are a leading UK Educational Consultancy.   We offer a range of services,  

  • Training, Teaching & Tutoring, and
  • Writing Mathematical Materials,
  • Projects.

We are  a flexible company,  working in partnership with our client-schools, to help them to excel  and provide the best educational environment.

By providing individual teachers and departments with a  tailored-programme of development to meet their needs, we aim to  help enhance their teaching skills and their subject knowledge.  By strengthening  the support mechanisms in place within school we endeavour to ensure continued progress.

We have developed a range of popular workshops such as Soft-Skills for Middle Leaders, and Switching on Students to Engage with Mathematics.

With over 30 years experience in Education we are well-placed to  further your Faculty's  progress.   You can follow us on .

Our Accreditation for Mathematics

We carry two accreditations:   

Firstly, the charter mark for the  National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics.  Our Training for Mathematics Departments has been judged to reach the highest standards laid down by the NCETM.   The NCETM is funded by the UK's Department of Education and overseen  by a management group which includes the Institute of Education. Our accreditation has been in place since 2012.  It's recently renewed until 2018.

Secondly  we have also been awarded the with the Post-16 of  Professional Development Accredited  Lead, also with NCETM.   Since 2014. Also regularly renewed.


 Our Philosophy

We are passionate about extraordinary teaching and exceptional learning. Every student counts, but every teacher counts too.  Success follows when all work together with mutual respect; where teachers are held in high esteem; where students develop self-confidence through being shown to realise their own worth.  Fostering a dynamic whole-school culture will enable teachers to shine and students to achieve their potential with limitless horizons.

How? Students need realistic models of engagement - behaviour that's ready-for-learning, commitment to learning as well as enjoyment of their journey through school. Teachers need to have a deep subject-knowledge and have the ability to enthuse their students with a love of their subject.  School leaders need to support and be able to inspire students and staff to create a learning environment with the highest expectations.

Our role is not only to support these functions, particularly the raising of standards in Mathematics and the Sciences, but also to assist teachers and leaders to be confident in their own styles, with the assistance of our bespoke professional development.  We design materials and classroom activities specifically to support your school.  All of our techniques are tested and based on current sound, and documented research methods.  The methods we discuss have been proven to work. 

We support Teachers  in meeting their Professional Standards laid down by the Teaching Agency -the Professional Standards for Teachers.   Also the Master Teacher Status.

                                                           Our Values

We see Education and Mathematics in particular as central to success in life. We are committed to supporting and promoting  the highest  standards of educational provision and especially mathematics provision.  Our Values are to 

            * Aspire             *  Enthuse                 * Partnership                   * Challenge


 * Education Unlimited's Vision, Mission and Values

Our Parent Company is  Aspiring Heads Consulting LTD.

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Registered in England and Wales, Company No. 7671003.  

Registered Office  41 Ferndale street,  Faringdon, Oxfordshire.  SN7 7AH       

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