Feedback from Schools & Colleges :

 "A five star service, Audrey."

 Mary Kitchener,

Swindon College.  Sept 2015

(Now a Senior Fellow at Oxford Brookes University)


"Audrey proved to be an excellent maths tutor. She was very well prepared, and entirely reliable. Students rated her highly, and we can’t wait to have her back on another of our courses!"

Natasha Dear,

Oxford Science Studies,  26/4/2012 - 2018

"Working with Audrey is always a pleasure.  She fits seamlessly into our school, understanding our needs, working with people at all levels to enable solutions to be found." 

Deputy Head, Gloucestershire.

November 2012

"Our staff really enjoyed working with Audrey and gained a lot from her experience, looking at different methods within the Maths curriculum and new and exciting ways of motivating our students."

 Sandra Muir,

Assistant Headteacher,

Churchfields Academy, Swindon.


Following a Workshop on "Soft Skills for Managers" at a Swindon School, we are pleased that the notion of  a "Teaching and Learning Forum" in each Faculty has now been adopted.

Feedback from  Parents and Students

“Tuition with Audrey boosted my confidence with my A level Maths immensely.  It was great to be able to go over what I had done in class at my own pace, so that I could properly understand what to do.  She made the lessons fun to be in and has given me a greater appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics.”

Miss DS   Stanford-in-the-Vale         28/8/2018

"This is what my daughter tells me. Learning Maths with Audrey isn't intimidating. She doesn't seem to mind if I don't "get" what she's talking about straight away and she doesn't mind how many times I say that "I don't understand". The really good thing is that eventually I do get it and then I feel pleased. She listens to what I think I don't understand (sometimes I don't know what it is I don't understand!) and then tries lots of different ways of solving that problem."

Janet Barbour, Cirencester. 17/4/2012

Janet Barbour Painted Interiors

“My daughter really enjoyed learning maths at GCSE and AS level with Audrey. She found the lessons interesting and they improved her confidence and understanding of maths.”

Mrs G of Faringdon   4/5/2012

"Thankyou so much for great tuition. It was great to be able to go over work after doing it at college, and it really helped me remember things. I would defiantly recommend this high level of teaching when you need support with your Maths GCSE."

Miss L   of Lechlade  22/5/2012


Students Say this to us :

..."Having lessons stopped all the arguments at home over homework."

June 2012


..."I was a bit frightened of having extra Maths  lessons but it was really easy fitting it in and Audrey made it fun."

May 2013


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