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This page is for our tutees and other students 

We aim to help you to get the best results.  

Education is such a precious part of each of our histories, and can change  paths and fortunes. Reaching your potential is important for fulfilment and contentment in life

Above all, being better at mathematics will open doors for you.

We wish you every success.


Image of Mathematics on a chalk board


 Stage 1  :  Planning your studies

To study effectively you need to plan to make the most effective use of your time or revision time.  There are two handouts below you can download - one for GCSE Planning & one for A'level Planning.  Both are Word Documents  containing weekly and Termly planning sheets. 

    GCSE  Planning/Timetable

    A'Level Planning/Timetable

Stage 2 Revision - How to revise

How you revise Mathematics is quite similar to how you revise any other subject.  Some people think you can't revise maths and all you can do is practice past-papers.  We strongly support and encourage students to write Key Notes - these are notes of topics and concepts that they are not sure of. Two guides are published below in PDF format,  download them to help you.  

  GCSE How to Revise Mathematics

  A'level  - How to Revise Mathematics

Stage 3  - Examination Strategy & Practice

To do well at examinations you need to almost enjoy them! Or at least try to.  The psychology of taking exams is almost as important as the subject matter.  Practice mock exams under timed conditions.  Always read all the  questions carefully, start on a question you can do. build your confidence and calm your nerves as you work  through the exam.  If you get stuck, keep calm, move to another question you feel comfortable with and begin that. Then return to any you've got stuck on.

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