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1.   Switching On Students to Engage and Learn Mathematics KS2- 3-4. 

              We use classroom activities in Algebra and/or Geometry &


2.  Review of the Art of  Effective Mathematics Teaching  – with Learning & Raising Attainment levels at its heart.

            We use classroom activities in Algebra and discuss current thinking on the importance of algebra.

3.   Enrichment Activities for

            a)       KS3 Mathematics  OR

            b)       KS4 Mathematics  OR

            c)       KS 5 Mathematics.

4.   Developing Advanced subject skills in Mathematics – focussed on     chosen A’-Level Modules or chosen Topics.                                                                            

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OFSTED - what does OFSTED say about Mathematics Teaching?

A)   Mathematics - Made to Measure  May 2012

B)   Mathematics - inspections from January 2012. 

Generic grade descriptors and supplementary subject-specific guidance for inspectors on making judgements during subject survey visits to schools

C)  Ofsted Examples of Good Practice in Secondary Mathematics Report from King Edwards VI Camp Hill School for Boys 2012

D)  Ofsted Report 2008  : Mathematics Understanding The Score.  

"The best teaching was rooted in developing pupils’ understanding of key concepts. It was inclusive in terms of ensuring that all pupils made substantial progress, no matter what their starting points. 

  • In the outstanding lessons, the teachers had high expectations of pupils’ enjoyment and achievement. 
  • They made conscious efforts to foster a spirit of enquiry, developing pupils’ reasoning skills through approaches that saw problem-solving and investigation as integral to learning mathematics. 
  • They checked that everyone was challenged to think hard and they adapted how they were teaching."


Resources :  Useful Mathematics Materials

Mathematical Professional Bodies and Associations

Education Unlimiteds’ Mathematical Resources

Please use these in the classroom  - but please  do give us feedback.

Useful Maths Resources for Teachers,  Classrooms  and Fun Activities

Association of Mathematics Teachers - 

lots of useful resources

How do you Revise Mathematics - a Classroom Resource for KS4 and KS5

KS3 Maths project

National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics  -

lots of useful resources

 Worksheets - Algebra is a Language (KS3/4)

Geometry & Trigonometric Resource

History of Mathematics Archive   

(St Andrew's University)

Algebra Activities from Problems  KS3

Cool Maths website

London Mathematical Society

Algebra Activities from Problems  KS3/4

Maths Dictionary for Kids

Mathematical Association

 Geometry Activities - KS3/4

GeoGebra  -  free software for Geometry & Algebra

 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics  (based in the USA)

Trigonometry Activities (KS3/4)

NRICH - Mathematical problems for enrichment

 UK Mathematics Trust 


Kangaroo Maths  - really useful resource for teachers 

The Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education



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