About Us

Education Unlimited is a Specialist Mathematics Consultancy working with Secondary and Further Education Sectors in the UK.  We are based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, on the border of 3 counties :  Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

We have a passion for Mathematics and think everyone develop their skills in Mathematics. 

We are a flexible company able to tailor our work to meet a clients' requirements.  

We are currently celebrating 7 years since we've been established.

We can complete projects quickly when necessary.

We often take on Mathematical-type projects in the local area, and in London. These include writing online course materials, developing mathematical  formulas, writing, designing and workshops for Maths Teachers. We work on the #BeaMatheacher scholarship scheme and enjoy meeting a variety of young teacher. We also take on research-type projects based around education, such as School Improvement, and Statistical workshops.

Associate Consultants

For Projects we often work with other consultants. For example we work with other Educational Specialist to deliver larger-scale projects.  For the last 3 years we have collaborated with the following talented associates : 

    Dr Sophie Carr, Bays Consulting 

    (See Sophie's LinkedIn Profile)

    Christine Watson, University of Worcester,

    Dr Dimitrina Stravrova 

Image of Audrey talking at a conference

Image of Director Audrey Curnock

          Dr Audrey Curnock  BSc MPhil PhD       


 As a Mathematician teaching in Higher Education for 25+ years, I  set up this specialist Consultancy in June 2011. I hold degrees in Mathematics and Pure Mathematics, my research was focused around Functional Analysis.  I published an Undergraduate Text book called Quantitative Method for Business in 1996. It's been great fun working in a Consultancy role, developing new skills and styles of presentations. 

Growing our client-base has been very rewarding, working both with British and International clients, working in our local area and Nationally.

 We aim to speak at a conference each year, as well as undertaking professional development annually to keep up to date with our business field and current in Mathematics Education.

We believe everyone needs to have some competency in Mathematics just to live, and Teachers especially have a privileged position to helping young people grow intellectually and cognitively. We are proud to be part of this.


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