Our Privacy Statement

With the new Data Protection Legislation, GDPR , this is a brief statement of our compliance.

1. We collect Personal Data - usually directly from the client when they make the first point of contact, via email, telephone, or social media.

2. We collect Data from publicly available sources, predominantly educational data. This might be from research databases, Government or other educational bodies.  This is usually in relation to a piece of research we are conducting, usually for a  client. This is always of an educational nature which may be published as a report.

3. The information we hold about our clients  includes : Names,  telephone, and mobile numbers, addresses, information regarding the tutee -of an academic nature. We retain email and correspondence from the client. We also hold information from research activities, surveys, and business activities/meetings/conferences.

4. We may process client and other data for performance management, carrying out our contract with clients, business development, marketing and advertising; such purposes do not override client interests. We may also use anonymised feedback from clients in marketing and other reviews. We would ensure it cannot be attributed to the client concerned.

5. Data Retention : We retain client details for the duration of our contract and for a reasonable period after this for legal/taxation reasons. We may retain anonymised client data for research purposes relating to academic work.  Any reports written for clients during a contract are retained for  period of a number of years after the project has ended.  This may include any data we've collected.  We do not share personal data with other organisations except to comply with the law;  once our research has been written-up, any such data is anonymised and only retained in anonymised forms. If at any time clients wish to withdraw their consent to our collection and processing personal data, please contact us at  info@education-unlimited.co.uk. 

6. Data Security : We take reasonable steps and use current security measures to ensure the safety of clients' personal data. If at anytime we have a suspected security breach, we would notify the  clients concerned and any regulator, as required by law.