Booking Form

Below we have a booking form or general enquiry form to allow schools and colleges to contact us about a workshop.

If you have a particular workshop in mind, you might prefer to use our Booking form on Our Services page.

We are always happy to write a new workshop to assist a school we are working with. 

We have listed this Booking Form as a separate page following feedback from Deputy Head Teachers. 

Booking Form- Enquiry

Type of Booking -we would to like to have further details about

What year group do you wish the materals to be based around

We endeavour to contact all enquiries within 48 hours

Once we have received a query, we aim to respond within 24-48 hours. Ideally, we aim to discuss the client's requirements and so ensure we can meet these.  We generally attend your school, or work with in one school with teachers from several schools in the vicinity.

Generally we deliver workshops after school "twilight sessions", but can also deliver whole day or half day sessions as per a schools' requirement.

Our list of workshops is always changing and growing so if there's a particular area or topic you want designed, we are flexible to be able to deliver this at fairly short notice.

We have experience of visiting schools to work with individual Heads of Department or individual teachers, over a period of time. This includes mentoring, workshops, subject-knowledge enhancements, observing and writing feedback.

At the end of each session we write individual feedback as well as feedback to the Senior Teacher/Head.

We believe everyone needs to have some competency in Mathematics just to live, and Teachers especially have a privileged position to helping young people grow intellectually and cognitively. We are proud to be part of this.